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Aeros Trikes

History of AEROS (before facebook)

Aeros started as an Ultralight Aircraft Department within the Antonov Construction Bureau.

Applying the same discipline used in the construction of some of the worlds largest and arguably best aircraft! People working in this Department were not only enthusiastic but well-educated. They are able to both compute endurance and to test wings in the CAGI wind-tunnel.

In the late 80s ITACO-CENTER was formed for the Ultralight Aircraft Department. This co-operative started producing sports hang gliders and almost all of the USSR hang gliding national team used these hang gliders. As cracks began to appear in the "iron curtain" , sales of these these machines to the West began and German certification was attained.

In 1991 the specialists of the Ultralight Aircraft Department formed a Limited Liability Company, Aeros. By November Aeros had started the manufacture of two new wings. A sports hang glider: the Stalker-14 and a trike wing: the Stranger.

These soon became Aeros' "business cards".

In 1992 Stalker-14 proved to be very successful, so it was prepared for certification with BHPA (UK).

1993. Stalker-12 was developed. Dacron and lavsan versions of Stranger were finished. New training hang glider Student-16 was designed and built. First representatives of the company Aeros appeared abroad – in the UK and in Spain.

1994. Anniversary Stalker-14 No.100 was made (dispatched to England). Model Stalker-12 was granted BHPA.

1995. A new machine based on the Stalker was prototyped, with internal membrane ribs the Stealth. By the end of the year Stealth's appearance was set. At the same time BHPA certificates for training hang gliders Target-16 and Target-13 was attained. In the meantime trike Graffiti with the wing Stranger was certified. The wing has successfully undergone strength and stand aerodynamic testing.

The Stranger soon became a commercial success, within the first year 80 Stranger wings were sold.

1996. A new, kinpostless, era begins. With the snow hardly melted Aeros had already completed flight trials of a new design – Stealth 14 KPL. By the end of the year the wing was ready for certification in England and  a small (a tiny!) model Stealth 12 KPL released. While designers and pilots were busy resolving a complex of "kinpostless" problems, trike wing sales soured. In the course of a year 220 Stranger wings were manufactured and the Aeros' staff expanded to 30 employees. Aeros was noticed not only in the Western Europe – within a year two distributors appeared in the USA, U.S.AEROS, for hang gliders and Sabre Trikes, for trikes.

1997. In for a penny – in for a pound. Our rivals presented a number of kingpostless hang gliders designs and we took the challenge… During 1997 imporved designs of sports hang gliders Stealth 14 KPL and Stealth 13 KPL were prepared for manufacture. Oleg Bondarchuk, as well as the name Aeros / Stealth, started to take regularly upper lines of prestigious international competitions. Over 70 Stealths and over 100 Strangers were manufactured. The new Stream trike wing was put into production, this wing could lift maximum takeoff weight 450 kg. Aeros becomes an official distributor of GARMIN (USA). Aeros also starts as a representative for the famous German aircraft equipment manufacturer BRAUNIGER.

1998. Oleg Bondarchuk on Stealth, becomes a world vice-champion in Australia. Bill Moyes himself (!!!) buys a hang glider from Oleg for thorough  examination. Kingpostless wings of all sizes receive airworthiness certificates in BHPA and DHV (Germany). Production of a trike Aeros started. The Race for aerodynamic perfection was ongoing and Aeros presentes to the world market an innovation – the hang glider harness Racer with a built-in container for rescue parachute and with reduced aerodynamic drag. The Stealth became a popular design, within a year 150 wings of this type were manufactured. For annual  Aeros leads the kingpostless hang gliders sales in the USA. As if this is not enough Aeros starts the manufacture of ultralight aircraft kits the  Skyranger-2 under the French license.

1999. Three world records were set in Australia on the Stealths (although only one of them was registered. Not that the achievements were doubtful, but you know, we hate bureaucratic procedures of any kind). With nothing else to remove from a hang glider's wing, the next evolutionary step was a RIGID WING. By no means a sailplane, but not a hang glider either. With public interest and demand, Aeros designed and built a rigid wing (ultralight sailplane with beam aerodynamic control). The wing is named – Stalker.  Hang gliding becomes so popular in the USA and England, that pilots request a two place glider. A client's wish is the law for us! A tandem hang glider Target-192 is developed. Manufacture of a trike wing Still – 17 starts. This wing can be controlled merely by your fingers. Manufacture of a trike Aeros – 2 startes. Skyranger – 2 flies. In August the French pilot Philip Zen wins the World Championship in this aircraft class.

2000. Aeros is working on a high-performance competition glider. First prototype of a Combat hang glider is designed, it flies noticeably better than any other Aeros glider. The Aeros team also create a new trike wing the Profi. Named after the professionals that fly with it.

2001. Aeros is ten years old! Now, Aeros' specialist team grows to just over 70 . Hard work on new developments continues. Combat glider is updated, and Aeros presents the new Combat 2. In the very first year Combat 2 has shown brilliant results at the Ukrainian Open championship and at international competitions. Rigid wing Stalker is certified by DHV. Aeros adds kites to it's already successful para wing business.

2002. Discus glider, which is our first intermediate wing, is designed and flown. It combines a rather high performance with simple piloting and maintaining, that makes it a perfect wing for those who do not take part in competitions, but wish to experience the joy of soaring.

2003. Combat L, that is lighter and better than its predecessor Combat 2, is designed. A great future is foreseen for this glider. Skyranger becomes the World Champion for the third time.

2004. Aeros hang gliders are becoming popular all over the world because of their high quality and performance. At the 2004 European Championship 45 pilots out of 121 (which is 37 % of all competitors) fly Aeros wings. Aeros-2 trike with a Rotax-912 engine and a Profi wing gets DULV preliminary airworthiness certificate for the maximum take-off weight of 472.5 kg.

2005. Oleg Bondarchuk on a Combat L becomes the World Champion, and his victory is a holiday for the whole Aeros. One more anniversary takes place in June 2005: AEROS produces the 3000th wing. Aeros team takes part in designing an entirely new product: an AL-12 ultralight sailplane and its powered version AL-12 M with a retractable power-unit. AEROS-Europe service center is opened in Eisenach, Germany.

2006. After lots of work and extensive test flights Aeros releases the Combat L 2006. For lightweight pilots, Combat L 12 with reduced wing area is designed. Since this year, Discus glider is available in all sizes, including Discus 12 and Discus 13. The Discus C becomes available for those pilots who are keen on high performance, light weight and easy handling all in one. For flight school instructors and just everyone who wants to fly a tandem, Aeros creates a tandem hang glider Target 21. Aeros launches the serial production of our first kingpostless trike wing Profi TL. In addition to all the best features of the Profi, the Profi TL has higher trim speeds and better, even more responsive pitch and roll handling. Aeros produces an aerotowing Launch Trolley with simple and reliable design. Skyranger becomes the World Champion again, and it's the first time in the FAI history that the same plane is the World Champion for four times.

2007. Incredible, Skyranger becomes the World Champion for the fifth time! Aeros Fuego is a new Cross Country paraglider built on the compromise of reasonable safety and high flying characteristics, class EN “C”, available in 27 and 29 sizes. Aeros continues improvement of the Combat hang glider. Combat L 07 has a newly designed oval crossbeam, stiffer sprogs and an advanced design of the sail, which has many refinements and is made with new durable semi-transparent sailcloth. The tandem Target 21 obtains the BHPA certificate. The new Target 16, being the best hang glider for the beginners, is now significantly lighter and weighs only 23.5 kg without bags. The Profi TL design adds winglets, which improve handling at the high speeds.

2008. The current successful top performance hang glider Combat L 07 is now certified by DHV in three sizes: 12, 13 and 14. The Aeros Launch Trolley is certified at DHV for max load 279 kg. Aeros best competition harness Viper S is certified at DHV. Skyranger is the European Microlight Champion!

At present Aeros exports its products to 43 countries. Of course, we have lots of plans and new innovations continues only at an even quicker pace! yearly updates no longer get posted as social media is now the norm. For all new announcements and developments check the factory facebook page...